Style With a Cause: Alex and Ani

alex and ani

Nate always makes fun of me because I have a borderline weird obsession with Alex and Ani bangles. I cannot walk by any store that carries them and not stop and stare (this is especially bad at Disneyland). To me, they are the ultimate symbol of effortless, chic style. They also automatically upgrade any outfit that would otherwise be boring (which is always a bonus).

It wasn’t until this week that I reached the tipping point and actually fell in love with this brand (is that even possible?). On November 4th, the Las Vegas chapter of JDRF held a kick-off event for the release of Alex and Ani’s new bangle to benefit JDRF, called “Side By Side” (which you can get here). This made me so happy! JDRF+Alex and Ani is pure bliss in my world. I couldn’t believe my favorite company was supporting my favorite cause! After a little search on their website, I found that Alex and Ani is no stranger to doing good deeds. Part of their whole mission is to help humanity.

Some of the other amazing organizations that the company has been involved with include: The American Cancer Society (another cause close to my heart!), March of Dimes, Donate Life America, The Alzheimer’s Association, ASPCA, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and many, many more. Alex and Ani collaborates with each cause to craft a bangle specifically for them, and then gives them part of the proceeds. I couldn’t believe this company I have been fan-girling over actually raises awareness and money for all of these worthwhile organizations. All of their jewelry is also¬†eco-conscious and designed and crafted in America. They are a great example of using their popularity for something greater than themselves (and it is awesome!). I was so impressed after doing a little research into their company, that I just had to share my new insights with all of you!

To show your support for JDRF+Alex and Ani (which you definitely should), Purchase a pair of their Side by Side bangles (again, found here) now through December 2016. To learn more about Alex and Ani and browse the rest of their fabulous products, click here.

Much love,



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