A Story of Boy-Meets-Girl

Today is December 17th. I love December 17th! This date marks the one year anniversary of mine and Nate’s engagement, our two year anniversary of dating and the three year (almost) anniversary of our first time meeting. In light of this momentous day, I thought I would share the story of how our relationship got to this point (cheesy I know, but what can you do?).

Part 1: The Meeting.


My roommates and I were hosting a gingerbread house building competition. The competition required partners, however, my partner bailed on me an hour before it was supposed to start (lame and rude). Nate’s roommates were all attending, and they told me that they were going to make me participate. They called Nate and told him to come over right then and be my partner. So. Embarrassing. We made the White House in gingerbread form, laughed a lot and just had so much fun together. We both developed little crushes on each other but didn’t say anything about them.  Luckily, it still worked out.

Part 2: Friendship.

After our initial meeting, we would hang out sporadically. We only got together a couple of times before I went home for spring semester. The following fall semester (which felt like 20 years since I was secretly in love with him), we started to hang out every day. We would watch movies almost every night and we would slowly get closer and closer (when I say slowly, I literally mean two months). This time involved a lot of sporting events, hanging out with our roommates and unofficial group dates.

Part 3: Friendship Turns Relationship.

On December 17th Nate finally kissed me, which apparently meant we were going out (I didn’t know that at the time, but we figured it out). After that, we had so many adventures together. Some include: ditching school to go to San Clemente (where Nate decided he loved me), going to the happiest place on Earth, participating in various holiday activities and visiting beautiful Victoria, Canada. As fun as dating was, we decided that we kind of wanted to be together forever.

Part 4: The Proposal.

Exactly one year after we started dating (December 17, 2014), Nate took me to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have this weird obsession with Jackson. I think it is the cutest place ever! We were walking around and looking at all of my favourite shops, when Nate suggested that we go sit on a bench in the park and just take in the atmosphere. The park was completely deserted, there were beautiful lights hanging everywhere and it was lightly snowing. Suddenly, Nate got down on one knee and proposed! It was the most magical night of my life.

Part 5: Marriage and Beyond.

On April 11, 2015 we were married in the Las Vegas, Nevada LDS temple! We love married life and the fact that we never have to be apart again. We have already made so many memories since we have been married and we are so excited for all of our new adventures to come.

Thanks for taking a little look into our story! Have a wonderful December 17th.

Much love,



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