I Will Never Be Anyone’s WCW, and That is More Than OK.

The first time I remember social media being a big deal was when I was in grade eight. Myspace was pretty popular and everyone had one. Every time I logged on, I would see boyfriends commenting on my friend’s pictures, profiles filled with couples talking about how great their significant others were and other mushy notions. As I got older, other channels of social media grew in popularity, increasing the amount of cute couples posting about one another. I must say, I was a little bit jealous. Having someone bragging about how great they think you are, who wouldn’t want that? I was excited for the day when I met someone who would post that kind of stuff about me. Except I never did.

When I first realized that Nate hated social media, it made me kind of sad. I realized I would never have someone brag about how great they thought I was. I would never have someone commenting nice things on all of my pictures. I would never be anyone’s woman crush Wednesday. Seeing what other people post about their significant others can cause an insecurity about why those posts aren’t being made about us.

Except, I have something way better than a Facebook or Instagram post. Instead of trying to prove how much he loves me to the rest of the world, I have someone who tries to prove it to me every single day.

  • Every morning before I go to class, Nate goes out into the freezing cold and heats my car up so I will be warm. He also gave me the reserved parking spot right next to our apartment.
  • When I was on crutches last fall, Nate would force me to let him carry me around because he knew using my crutches hurt my arms.
  • When I had my first day at one of my jobs, I came home to dinner and freshly baked cookies.
  • If Nate ever goes to the grocery store without me, he comes back with some sort of treat for me and some Arrowhead water (because it is the only kind that doesn’t taste weird).

On top of the few examples I listed above, he does so many little things that show me how important I am to him. Even though you will never see him post about me, even though I will never be his WCW, I get something better. I get to be his wife every single day. I love that! As I have talked about in another post, I hope that we can try to remember that social media is not real life. The little gestures made to impress each other are much greater than the ones made to impress the outside world.

Just my little thought for the day. Hopefully this wasn’t too cheesy for you! Thanks for reading.

Much love,



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