Lessons Disney Movies Taught Me

Disney. That word is such a happy word! If you didn’t know already, I am a big Disney fan. I’ll even make a little confession. I have been thinking way more my trip to Disneyland in April after graduation than I have about actual graduation (and I have been there a million times). Oops. Anyway, let’s get down to business. Most people think that Disney movies only contain magic, wonder and unrealistic experiences. While the magic and the wonder are big and enduring components, if you look closer, Disney movies are full of life lessons that can shape us into even better people! Are you ready to take a closer look into the magic?

Lets start with my favourite: Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty: In reality I think there are many lessons that can be learned from this movie because it is the greatest of all time. However, I am going to focus on one lesson per movie so things don’t get too crazy up in here. My favourite takeaway from this movie is that we need to fight for the things/people we love. When Maleficent tried to keep Prince Philip away from Aurora, did he just turn around and hope that he would eventually find someone else? Heck. No. He fought Maleficent’s stupid demon animals, he struggled through those thorny bush things and he plunged his sword straight into the dragon. Sometimes life gets a little hard. Sometimes relationships get hard. Though we may encounter obstacles to overcome, we should not give up at the first sign of trouble. We need to fight for the people that we love.

Lady and the Tramp: Let me preface this by saying I know that Tramp was a little bit of a player in his past life. It’s okay, he is now a one-woman man and we forgive him. This movie teaches us not to judge people based on where they come from. The other dogs in this movie underestimated Tramp because he was a street dog. It turns out that he is the one that saves the baby from the evil rat, saves Lady from the stupid aunt, saves other dogs from going to the pound and becomes the man that Lady can rely on (and has puppies with).  Coming from the street, he is still just as (or more) brave, heroic and kind as the rest of them. Long live the Tramp!

Beauty and the Beast: Belle is a wonderful soul who loves to learn and read books (and sacrifices herself for her father). The townspeople gave her a hard time about it, but she stood strong. She taught me that learning is cool. A lot of times the media portrays people that like to learn and get good grades as “nerds”. Gaining knowledge is not embarrassing or uncool, it is actually what helps make people successful and live fulfilling lives! So next time you feel lame for liking school, reading in your spare time or other things considered “nerdy”, be proud of the wonderful gift of knowledge that you have been given.

Cinderella: In both the live action and animated versions of Cinderella, Cinderella has a rough life. She lost both of her parents, becomes a servant girl and is treated poorly by the only people she has daily contact with. Despite all of this, she teaches us to be kind to everyone we meet. She is kind to animals, she is kind to strangers and she is kind to those who treat her like dirt. In the live action version of the movie, as Cinderella is walking away with the prince, she turns to her awful stepmother and tells her that she forgives her. Wow. Sometimes people may be unkind and treat us less than favorably. We should be kind anyway. Always being kinder than we feel is far greater than getting the momentary satisfaction of being unkind.

Monster’s University: Everyone hates group projects. They are especially awful when you are the one that carries the whole team. However, Mike, Sully and the good people of Oozma Kappa taught us the importance of learning to work with other people. We will always be around other people. Whether it is work, school or family, we need to learn how to work with people who have different personalities than we do. Monster’s University teaches that valuing each person and helping play off of each person’s strengths will help improve group work and may actually help you like each other (heaven forbid). You can’t avoid being in groups, but you can help improve the way your group works together!

There are a lot of other important lessons from the vast array of remarkable Disney movies, but I will finish for now out of fear of boring my dear readers. I hope this helps convert some of you that may have been on the fence about Disney (if there is even anyone out there like that). Remember to believe in magic and be kind to others!

Thanks for stopping by.

Much love,



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