What Happens When You Marry Up

This week was so busy and crazy I don’t think I would have made it through it if it wasn’t for my perfect husband. I knew Nate was too good for me from the moment I laid eyes on him. The first time I saw Nate he was Christmas caroling at my house with some of my friends, that happened to be his roommates. It was like a light was shining down on him (okay, my porch light actually was shining directly down on him) and I couldn’t believe I had never met this beautiful human being before! So I obviously had to grill his roommates to get the 411 (do people say 411 anymore?). Ever since then I knew he was perfect. They might say that no one is perfect, but I am certain Nate is perfect for me. However, the problem is that I married up. Here is why that is actually sometimes a problem.

1. People remind you of it all the time. Last year I had just met a new coworker of mine and we started getting to know each other. I took out my phone to show her a picture of Nate and her reaction was “Whoa! He is so hott! Like he is really attractive!” Yeah I know. People always act a little surprised when they see how attractive my husband is (which is a little offensive, but whatever). More importantly than that, people that know him always remind me of what a great person he is. My roommates used to tell me how lucky I was all of the time and that they hoped they would end up with someone like him. I’m glad I’m the one that ended up with him.

2. You feel like you can never repay all of the great things that they do. As I have mentioned in another post, my husband does really great things for me all of the time. No matter how hard I try, I feel like I can never match his great gestures. Even if that is true, I still keep trying because I guess that is what marriage is.

3. You want to give them everything. Whether it is giving him an A on a test he is really stressed about, or buying him that 1911 that he has been eyeing, I wish I could make all of his tiniest wishes come true. I can’t. Sometimes that kills me a little bit, but then he reminds me that the things that matter the most we already have, which just reiterates that I married up.

4. Obsessing over them doesn’t stop, even after being together for a long time. When you are with someone that you feel like is too good for you, you never really stop fangirling over them. Whether it is studying them and wondering how it is possible to be that attractive, or getting butterflies over the smallest things, you don’t really get over the feeling that this person is way too amazing to be real.

5. They try and tell you that you are too good for them, even if you know it isn’t true. The thing about marrying up is that your spouse always tries to make you believe that they are the lucky one, even though they are not. This in turn makes you feel even more unworthy because they must see something in you that other people don’t. Swoon.

Even though marrying up can have some little bumps in the road, it is definitely worth it if you can pull it off. I highly suggest it.

While you’re still reading, here are a couple pictures my cute friend at Anna Christine Photography took of us! I just had to share because I thought they turned out so cute and Anna is such a great photographer to work with! Make sure you go check out her page. I totally want to have my own greenhouse now.

I hope you enjoyed me gushing over my cutie husband. As always, thank you for stopping by.

Much love,



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