Feeling Pride in Yourself

Today felt very long. Besides my blood sugars having been off for two days, I am overwhelmed with finishing up school and just feel burnt out (raise your hand if you hate group projects!). Nate and I started talking about how I would be graduating in two weeks, when I started thinking: “I have worked so hard for the past couple of years and I feel like it was for nothing. I am getting my degree which is obviously important, but I could have gotten my degree with mostly C’s. I have no plans to go to grad school. My future jobs will most likely not ask for my report cards. So why did I work so hard to try and get A’s? Why did I even care what my GPA was?”

Let me tell you why I cared.

Though it is obviously nice to receive praise for the good things that you do, working only to only receive praise will often leave you unhappy. No one will really care about all of the good grades you strived for. Your classmates won’t remember when your papers were used as examples (they probably didn’t even notice when it actually happened). Your teachers will forget what grades they gave you on assignments. People won’t care how well you did or did not do.

But you should.

I still feel pride for all of the work that I know I did well. I feel satisfied knowing I tried my absolute hardest to get the highest GPA possible. I still feel uneasy about the classes in which I didn’t do as well in as I had hoped. I think about these things because I want to do well for myself. I don’t care if you all know what grades I got or things I did or didn’t accomplish, I know you don’t care either. I work for my own personal pride!

Success is exciting and so great! A lot of times you want to share your success with the world! And you can. However, sometimes we get so caught up in what everyone else thinks about us it becomes our main motivation. We want others to know how great we are (I think you are all great, btw)! We also need to remember it is important to accomplish things for ourselves, not because we want the recognition for them. It is also important to remember to not get so prideful that we think we are better than others (just had to sneak that in there).

I am sure you are all already great at this, so mainly this is a motivational post for myself (I think we all need those every once in awhile). Rant over.

Once again, thank you for stopping in! You are all just marvelous.

Much love,



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