Memories Over Merchandise

If you know me, you probably know that I love shopping. Something about walking out of a store with the items I have been gawking over is just so appealing! The problem is these minor sparks of happy moments are not lasting ones. Soon the happiness I feel wearing or using my new items fades. I get the desire to buy more new things and the old things slowly fade away into oblivion. They are not the things that I look back on often, and my desire to have more and more is never fulfilled because there is always something new to buy (trust me, you can always find something new to catch your eye!).

I recently graduated from university and went on a quick vacation with my family (too quick if you ask me). As my husband and I were driving home, I thought a lot about what had transpired throughout the week. Though we definitely scored some merchandise on our trip, the things that I really thought about were the experiences that we had. I liked all of the items that I bought, but nothing compared to those experiences we had that cannot be replicated or replaced.

The parts of the past two weeks that I will always remember have nothing to do with items. They are hearing my brother’s giddiness every time we went on Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland. They are walking around deserted Jackson Hole with my mom and Nate. They are having my family members come and support me during one of the biggest milestones of my life. I predict that when I am old and looking back at this time of my life I will not remember what I wore, what kind of phone I had or other frivolous things. I will remember the things that bring lasting joy, the memories I made with the people that I love.




I am not saying it would be wise to never go shopping again (I am definitely not saying that!). I am saying in a world that is focused so much on material possessions it might be more rewarding to spend less money on the things that don’t matter and more money on the things that do. I cannot remember a time that I regret spending money to help someone else or strengthen the bonds I have with others, but I can think of a lot of items I regret spending money on! I have a feeling that as we stop focusing on material possessions and start focusing on creating memories, we will create a lot more lasting joy.

If you are thinking it is amazing we could all fit in that teacup, we were thinking the same thing when it happened. Here are some other pictures from the past two weeks because, why not? Included are some of my graduation pictures from the fabulous Anna Christine Photography.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

Much love,




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