Simple Tips to Make Mornings a Breeze

If you know me at all, you know that I hate being late. I love having everything planned out and I like to be prepared for anything and everything. I cannot recall a single instance throughout my college career where I completed an assignment later than a full day before it was due (while most other people worked right up until class started). Some call me a control freak, but I like to think that I just enjoy having things run smoothly (and I just like to control everything, just kidding).

Anyway, that is why I hate mornings. Mornings can either make or break your entire day in a snap. Waking up late, running out of time and forgetting things are just some of the common morning problems that can derail the rest of your day. Luckily, I have some tips to help make mornings a breeze and help your day run a lot smoother.

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you have to. Waking up is pretty terrible most mornings, so this tip probably doesn’t sound like much fun. Stay with me on this because waking up half an hour earlier is actually awesome. This extra 30 minutes gives you time to go over your plan for the day, it gives you padding for any unexpected bumps in the morning and it helps you not feel as rushed and likely to forget the things you need.
  2. Set multiple alarms. I am really freaky about waking up right when my alarm goes off; my husband is not. He usually accidentally falls back to sleep after his first alarm sounds, so he has a second one set for 10 minutes later. This way, he never sleeps later than he intended to (even if it wakes me up way earlier than I intended to).
  3. Get everything ready the night before. This step is arguably the most important, which is why it is broken down into smaller steps below.

Pack your bags the night before. Each night I pack any papers, snacks and other items I might need in my bag. Instead of rushing around all morning and trying to remember what I need to take with me, I get all of it taken care of before bed. In the morning I just grab my bag and head out the door!

-Prepare your lunch/snacks the night before. Preparing as much of your lunch as you can at nighttime is a game changer. I usually prepare lunches that just need to be refrigerated, or are super easy to heat up. Some of my favourite easy lunches and snack include: pasta salad, rice, veggies dipped in hummus, almonds, apples and various salads. For those of you who are a little bit more adventurous in your eating habits, you can still prepare different parts of your meal the night before for a quicker assembly in the morning. For example, slicing the toppings of your sandwich, cooking your meat, etc.

Pick out/prepare your clothes the night before. Save time in the morning by finding all of the pieces of your outfit, ironing what needs to be ironed, etc. Just wake up and have your perfectly pressed outfit sitting there waiting for you!

4. Write everything down. As hard as I try to remember everything I need to do every day, it’s really hard. Writing down what you need to get done and the items you need to do it gives you a check list of what you should have with you before you leave the house.

Mornings will probably still be rough, but following these simple tips will help make them a lot more bearable and a lot less hectic.

Thank your for stopping by! Hopefully my hatred of mornings and need to have order will actually benefit someone.

Much love,



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