I Will Never Be Anyone’s WCW, and That is More Than OK.

The first time I remember social media being a big deal was when I was in grade eight. Myspace was pretty popular and everyone had one. Every time I logged on, I would see boyfriends commenting on my friend’s pictures, profiles filled with couples talking about how great their significant others were and other mushy…

A Story of Boy-Meets-Girl

December 17th is a big day in the Nokleby household. Here is a little look into why exactly that is.

Procrastination: The Killer of Hopes and Dreams

With the end of the semester emerging, most people turn to procrastination and all-nighters as their new best friends. Starting to beat procrastination now will help you to have a less stressful finals week, and a more satisfying end to your semester.

Being Comfortable in my Skin

I think that social media can do a really great job of making people feel inadequate. It is so important to focus on the positive qualities we possess, and not on the things that we feel we are lacking.